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Views - India Smart Automotive Forum 2015

"Smart automotive would start the dawn of convergence of physical and digital infrastructure in India."

Shri. Amit Bhardwaj, Senior Research Officer (Transport), National Institution for Transforming India (NITI) , NITI Aayog, Government of India – Thank you very much for your views to India Smart Automotive Forum 2015 Shri Bhardwaj, we are indeed very honored to have you at the first edition of India Smart Automotive Forum 2015, and we sincerely appreciate your very valuable contribution to the forum.

May we request you to kindly let our previous and our presently confirmed and prospective participants of India Smart Automotive Forum 2015 know of your views from India Smart Automotive Forum 2015. Views and thoughts and how would you define Smart Automotive in the context of India?

In my view smart automotive would start the dawn of convergence of physical and digital infrastructure in India. With Digital India campaign which is facilitating more internet penetration is happening across the country. It will create multiplier effects and would ultimate become the foundation of M2M/IoT proliferation. Presently the M2M applications towards smart automotive is highly fragmented and isolated. There is also a need to shift focus towards Make In India initiative which should pave ways for test bed facilities, product certifications, capacity building, pilots, start-ups and innovation. 

Driving would be lot more safe and Connected with equal safety for Passengers and Pedestrian, Reduction in travel time and more valued added travelling experience for the passengers and Advanced Intelligent Assistance systems for Drivers. We will see more Clean and Green Vehicles, Changes in the way people drive and travelling time would be lot more productive. Evolution would be rapid and driven by four megatrends 

• Mobility for everyone 
• Cleaner world for everyone 
• Safety for everyone 
• Everyone always connected 

Local Communication Network operators, Mobile Network Operators, Cloud based services, and service providers, Expressways and Highways, Smart Cities, and Lot of start-ups would be offering much more value added services to the passengers and Vehicles will be safer, more fuel efficient and more pleasant to drive than in any previous generation and they are now an extension of the owner’s personal life style. 

Highways infrastructures will be smarter by providing smart indications, and apart from civil infrastructure will provide Communication Infrastructure for all kind of mobility’s to vehicles and individuals and whereas Vehicular communication networks will provide a wide range of applications with different characteristics providing-Safety, Traffic management, Driver assistance systems, Policing and enforcement, Pricing and payments, Direction and route optimization, Advertising, Travel-related information, General information services, Automated highways. - What do you think is required to turn the Smart Automotive vision into reality?

For making it reality, there has to be continuous dialogue between Government and various stakeholders and a forum like this provides an ideal platform to let the stakeholders understand the vision of Government and at the same time Government should also look forward to suggestions from stakeholders so as to ascertain their expectations from Government on the issues of policy formulation, regulation and standards setting. With an effective approach to make them match can make this dream realizable in 5-10 years down the line. India Smart Automotive Forum provides the platform to know and understand the view from both sides. In the India Transport Report 2032, it also has a clear vision of Intelligent Transport System (ITS) which will greatly contribute towards the effective fuel consumption and road safety. The penetration of smart phones is also a very critical component in turning it into reality. 

With the advancement in semiconductor and software fields, Technology to deliver such kind of services has arrived and it’s just a matter of time for its access to everyone. However there are global challenges and challenges specific to India which should be addressed to realize it.

•    First and foremost, Smart Automotive cannot happen without smart roads, especially in Indian context
•    With more and more complex Electronics and Software contribution in the development of automobiles and development times shrinking because of Marketing Pressures, for Integration of these complex and smart components, an advanced Design Assurance Guidance should evolve.
•    A global, open membership organization that develops interface specifications for the Smart Automobile ecosystem including Automobile influenced industries.
•    Developmental Objectives, Scope and Specifications should be defined for the Next Generation and ahead.
•    Communication Network to be evolved with much faster agility to cater to the need of m2m equipments in terms of technology and viable business model.
•    Deployment of Architecture framework for the Smart Automotive in a platform where smaller organizations and start-ups can contribute with minimalistic regulatory burden and hence scope for innovation tremendously increases. - How and where can the start-ups find there space in the eco-system and make the most of the opportunities available?

The Major Challenge would be to provide a Development Ecosystem which is safe, and shouldn’t be fragmented and can’t be Open keeping Priority to the machine Critical application and safety of human life, and well defined Quality Assurance Process to be developed and adopted. As the technological development and transitions happen and more and more products will be launched, Various Architectural Framework, Deployment Model, Business Potentials, Regulations and Standards and their Pros and Cons will be much clearer once they are implemented. 

Opportunities for start-ups :

With India’s Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System (IRNSS) in place by March 2016, next generation improvements in Fleet Management, Public Transport, Emergency Services, School bus tracking and Emergency response systems would be enabled. 

There is huge potential for Automobile ancillaries in the field of Software Application Development, Product Testing and Compliance, Third party apps for Infotainment, GIS based Solutions, Start-Ups and Small Organizations will participate in Subscription based Solutions, Products to  Improve Operational efficiency in Logistics - Do you think a forum such as India Smart Automotive Forum that brings together the stakeholders from the Smart Automotive ecosystem provides a platform to discuss, deliberate and exchange, important and necessary? If yes, why? If no, why?

Absolutely, it is very critical to have a forum like this to discuss, deliberate and exchange latest happening and possible co-optition among players in vertical value chain of the smart automotive ecosystem. This kind of forum should be an active stakeholder in assisting Government in policy formulation for this fastly emerging sector. - What companies/organizations, participants, panel discussion topics would you like the forum, India Smart Automotive Forum 2016, to cover and deliver? And, what would you like to take away from India Smart Automotive Forum in 2016?

The Forum should focus on the applicability of smart automotive in Indian Context and to ascertain the expectation of Government and stakeholders towards each other for an organised, safe and fast development of Indian Smart Automotive. It would be interesting to hear all the potential critical participants in the vertical as well as horizontal value chain for the realisation of Indian Smart Automotive dream into reality.

India Smart Automotive Forum 2015 Highlights

  • 30+ C-Level Speakers
  • 100+ Attendees
  • Plenary, Keynotes and Panel Discussions by Top Industry
  • Experts and Key Decision Makers-
  • Case Studies and Presentations by Industry and innovative start-ups
  • 10 extensive hours of networking with 'C-level' executives and founders of innovative start-ups
  • Topics include
  • Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and Autonomous Vehicle.
  • Business Models and Public Policies including Public Private Partnership.
  • Clean and Green Vehicles, such as; Electric-Hybrid and Energy-Efficient Vehicles
  • Mobile Applications and Mobility Services-including Connected Navigation and Vehicle Services, such as;
  • Convenience Services-Payments for Insurance, Remote Diagnostics and Health Reports.
  • In-Car Infotainment
  • Parking Space.
  • Point Of Interest.
  • Productivity.
  • Traffic Updates.
  • Weather Information.
  • Vehicle Interfacing with Networks and Power Grids.
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