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Views - India Smart Automotive Forum 2015

"Smart Automotive is a term used combining Intelligent Transport, Connected Cars, Electric Mobility, Use of Alternate Fuels etc."

Mr. Dinesh Chand Sharma, Director – Standardization, Policy and Regulation, Seconded European Standardization Expert in India (SESEI) – Thank you very much for your views to India Smart Automotive Forum 2015 Mr. Sharma, we are indeed very honored to have you at the first edition of India Smart Automotive Forum 2015, and we sincerely appreciate your very valuable contribution to the forum.

May we request you to kindly let our previous and our presently confirmed and prospective participants of India Smart Automotive Forum 2015 know of your views from India Smart Automotive Forum 2015. Views and thoughts and how would you define Smart Automotive in the context of India?

We are all aware that the automotive industry in India is one of the largest automotive markets in the world. It is pertinent that like the rest of the world, India should also converge towards the smart automotive while addressing its challenges ahead in terms of its infrastructure and capacity building, behavior etc.  

Smart Automotive, We believe is a term used combining Intelligent Transport, Connected Cars, Electric Mobility, Use of Alternate Fuels etc. Information and Communication Technologies are revolutionising the transport sector, increasing efficiency, reliability and safety and reducing energy consumption. As part of Smart Automotive, every vehicle has to communicate with other vehicles, road infrastructure, peoples while becoming environmentally friendly through the usage of Electric Mobility and/or use of Alternate Fuel. The wireless communications technologies too plays a major role in addressing the Smart Automotive. - What do you think is required to turn the Smart Automotive vision into reality?

To turn the Smart Automotive vision into reality, it is imperative to have a ConduciveGovernment Policy and regulatory regime, a healthy Industry, availability of the ecosystem for faster adoption of the new technologies, allocation of funds for pilot project, proof of concept and incentives for the startups.

As strong supporter of standards, I would surely emphasize on getting the first step right that is to have a strong foundation of harmonized standards for smart automotive and importantly not to reinvent the wheel and look outside to what is already being implemented (e.g. in Asia and Europe) - How and where can the start-ups find there space in the eco-system and make the most of the opportunities available?

We do have challenges but with an opportunity to address it with commitment & support from Government of India.

-    Challenge of extremely diverse landscape but with an opportunity to make a blue print with almost all type of conditions and challenges.
-    Challenge of Infrastructure Development, Fleet and Vehicle Modernization
-    Challenge of matching Industry vision and action to attain global standards and efficiency
-    Road safety infrastructure and enforcement

When we talk about growth potential, it’s quite hugeand Government’s National Electric Mobility Mission Plan and Automotive Mission Plans speaks all about it. 

There is a strong need and demand of Innovation to make the sector innovative and Start-ups will play a key role in achieving it. - Do you think a forum such as India Smart Automotive Forum that brings together the stakeholders from the Smart Automotive ecosystem provides a platform to discuss, deliberate and exchange, important and necessary? If yes, why? If no, why?

Yes, an association like India Smart Automotive Forum provides a platform to relevant stakeholders for sharing updates on technology evolution around Smart Automotive [ITS] space. It facilitates deliberation and sharing while highlighting importance of consultation process in policy making, the importance of harmonized standards to achieve economies of scale etc.

Similarly, it is also very important for all the stakeholders including Manufacturers to come forward and utilize such a forum/platform toshowcase their product portfolio.    

Also In our opinion this eclectic mix of start-ups, Government, academicians, researchers, solution providers and manufacturers shall make it a must attend forum. – What companies/organizations, participants, panel discussion topics would you like the forum, India Smart Automotive Forum 2015, to cover and deliver? And, what would you like to take away from India Smart Automotive Forum in 2015?

The India Smart Automotive Forum should includeparticipation fromas many relevant automotive stakeholders as possible, such as:

Auto Players both national and international
Ministry of Transport
Industry Associations
Start ups
M2M & ITS players
Global and National standards bodies 

I hope that this Smart Automotive Forum 2015 will have fruitful deliberations that will result in recommendations and solutions on the best way forward for India for its national benefit out of this available opportunity and challenges.

I would also like to take away a concrete and realistic road-map with solid building blocks that all can use as guidance for achieving this immense task of creating a strong Indian Smart Automotive sector. 

India Smart Automotive Forum 2015 Highlights

  • 30+ C-Level Speakers
  • 100+ Attendees
  • Plenary, Keynotes and Panel Discussions by Top Industry
  • Experts and Key Decision Makers-
  • Case Studies and Presentations by Industry and innovative start-ups
  • 10 extensive hours of networking with 'C-level' executives and founders of innovative start-ups
  • Topics include
  • Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and Autonomous Vehicle.
  • Business Models and Public Policies including Public Private Partnership.
  • Clean and Green Vehicles, such as; Electric-Hybrid and Energy-Efficient Vehicles
  • Mobile Applications and Mobility Services-including Connected Navigation and Vehicle Services, such as;
  • Convenience Services-Payments for Insurance, Remote Diagnostics and Health Reports.
  • In-Car Infotainment
  • Parking Space.
  • Point Of Interest.
  • Productivity.
  • Traffic Updates.
  • Weather Information.
  • Vehicle Interfacing with Networks and Power Grids.
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